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Self Drive Safari 4×4 4WD south Luangwa Zambia Carhire adventure cottage chalet rent privat privacy luxury wildlife  self catering, professional filming

Malama Umoyo Cottages, South Luangwa, Zambia

Rent-your-Cottage in the Bush

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Exclusive trip with us for an amazing price !

Pristine for 4×4, self catering, secluded quality accommodation, cottages overlooking the mighty Luangwa river, close to the unspoiled South section of the National Park.

Quote from one of our guests:

…..a full day safari in the national park, showed the unspoiled wilderness of South Luangwa where we came across lion, elephant, giraffe and plenty of other game. We did not come across any other vehicles on our 10 hour trip, fantastic!!


Malama Umoyo Cottages is situated in one of the most beautiful remote areas in the South Luangwa Valley. Only 40km from Mfuwe and 8km from the Lusangazi gate! This is paradise for the adventurous tourist. 


Selfdrive Luxury in the Bush

There are not many places left like this in Africa: exclusive, private, virgin. You really feel that you have this hardly untouched area for yourself.

This place is one of a kind for those who like to be more self-supporting far away from other lodges, cars and people. You do not have to follow up strict lodge schedules but follow your own daily rhythm and that of the African bush.

There is a surprising abundance of wildlife in and around Malama Umoyo. It could almost be called crowded. It is heaven for birdwatchers too. You will always have amazingly diverse private self drive safaris, not just seeing the usual species of which there are plenty. You could be lucky to encounter a honey badger or a porcupine. Incredibly rewarding is driving at night which opens a whole new world under the sensitive glare of your spotlight. Equally as wonderful is sitting on your cottage veranda, have your sundowner and enjoy the sunset over the peaceful Luangwa River with its unique red-coloured rocky banks. Waterbucks come to drink, baboons play around, elephants cross, magnificent birds flutter in, and Luangwa’s renowned hippo’s and crocodiles swim right in front. You are completely away from the pressure of daily life.  Our guests typified our place as “the garden of Eden”. Appropriately we have named the two secluded cottages respectfully: Adam and Eve.

Both cottages are convenient for families: children and parents can stay in one cottage in adjacent bedrooms.

Malama Umoyo Cottages is very suitable for professional film crews.

Season: From 15th of May until 15th of November

Closed: From 16th of November until 14th of May (rainy season, not accessible).

These Videos take a few minutes and were taken from our premises (also available on Youtube). If you like to see them faster, you can run them simultaneously. Watch the fear for the fishermen (elephants) and the lions (buffalo’s) !