Welcome to Malama Umoyo Cottages

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Having a sundowner near Malama Umoyo Cottages. We love it!


Always good to know before you decide to book with us: Who are we?

Already for many years we travelled through Africa. Africa can grab you through its amazing beauty. So that’s what happened to us.

In 2007 we decided to start a tourist business in Africa and settle in Zambia. First we invested, built and managed a lodge in Mfuwe (Thornicroft Lodge) and then fell in love with the beauty and remoteness of the Malama Chiefdom and its friendly people. The Zambian government promotes the collaboration of Zambian citizens and foreign investors. So, in close cooperation and friendship with Chief Malama with the support of the Mambwe council and the local Community Board, we started a new initiative: Malama Umoyo Cottages. When we travelled ourselves, we always looked for an inviting ‘feel good’ place to stay with good comfortable  facilities, privacy and peace for the true adventurous wildlife lovers. Now we built it ourselves!

Believe us if we say, that building a camp in such a remote, hard to access place is not easy. Starting a camp with no water, no electricity, no supplies, limited local skills, etc was and still is an ongoing challenge. We love it, because the stunning environment, the constant amazement of running into wild animals plus living with the friendly local people feels as a daily reward for all our hard work.

We have built our own place to stay, a cottage for our friends and family, a storage and a house for our staff. At the prime location on the river bank, we built two bush style cottages with a separate kitchen and staff facilities and a summerhut to relax. All built with quality local materials, thatched, bush style, overlooking a stunning bend in the Luangwa River with the Chindeni Hills on the background. When we saw this place for the first time, we immediately fell in love with it. Now we like to share it with you, because this place deserves to be visited by all people that love nature.

Our main goal to come to Malama was and still is to help with the development of the local area. We called our camp Malama Umoyo, because ‘Umoyo’ means ‘Life’. Our initiative is the very first commercial tourist operation in Malama. No wonder we called our two cottages Adam and Eve, but it is also as a tribute to the wonderful Adam family from Chipata who always supported us a lot.

Although we hope that Malama will not be flooded by mass tourism, we hope and encourage that more lodges and camps will settle in Malama for the benefit of the people and the conservation of Wildlife. It is evident, that wildlife is protected and conserved through photographic safari tourism. Every job will mean less poaching, so your stay really makes a difference! Of course an extra contribution to the school, clinic, church and other projects is very welcome. It will show you appreciate the local people for respecting and protecting wildlife.

Travelling to, and staying in Malama is an ongoing Adventure!

Please contact us if you need any help how to get there, where to hire a car, guide and cook, where to stay in Petauke, Chipata, Mfuwe, where to get specific services, food and beverages. We will (of course) advice and assist you.

Menno, Kevin and Ruth

Looking forward to welcome you !