There it is! The Luangwa Valley!


Malama Umoyo is situated in one of the finest wildlife areas in Africa, the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. The area covers two main National Parks, the North Luangwa National Park and the South Luangwa National Park.

The South Luangwa National Park (SLNP) covers over 9,000 square km’s and is surrounded by Game Management Areas (GMA’s) where the local rural people live and where the wildlife is protected under the laws of the Republic of Zambia.

SLNP has several gates. The main gate is in Mfuwe crossing the Luangwa River through a bridge. Another gate is near Malama Umoyo Cottages. This pretty unknown Lusangazi gateis the entrance of the hardly visited south part of SLNP without the need of crossing the Luangwa River. This part is not spoiled by mass tourism and wild animals still (re)act wild!

Malama Umoyo Cottages is situated within the Lower Lupande Area in the Malama Chiefdom, on one sight along a beautiful bend in the Luangwa River facing the National Park, on the other sight at a breathtaking lowland flood plain and the Chindeni Hills in the background. Within 20 minutes you reach Lusangazi gate to enter the park.

GPS Coordinates of our cottages: S 13˚ 22’ 37.7” E 31˚ 37’ 05.6”

Malama Umoyo is about 45km from Mfuwe and 135km from Petauke. From both sides you can reach Malama Umoyo. The area is still unspoiled, wild, remote, rural and without tourists. Here you will find a true wildlife experience, with Malama Umoyo as your home stay cottage in the bush. The SLNP is nearby but also in Malama you will see lots of wild animals, wandering between the River and the Chindeni Hills. Malama even has its own hot water springs attracting their own flora and fauna.

Driving from either Petauke or Mfuwe to Malama is a once in a lifetime experience.

You can reach Malama with a 4×4 from Petauke (5 hour drive, 135km) or from Mfuwe (2 hour drive, 45km).


View from your cottage down on the rocks. Also elephants know how to get to Malama Umoyo.

Photo taken end of October when it is hot and dry in the Luangwa Valley (but cool in the cottages!)


On the internet you can find an amazing nice series from 4xoverland by Andrew St Pierre White about 4×4 safari. Recommendable to watch when you plan your self drive trip. This is just a little footage from episode 10 (of 16) which was filmed by Andrew just on the footstep of Malama Umoyo Cottages. The road from Petauke to Malama Umoyo remains an unrivaled and rewarding experience!

Note for alternative route: The tarmac road from Lusaka to Chipata up to Mfuwe has been upgraded and is one of the best roads in southern Africa.

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