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John, Kenny the shopkeeper and Menno in the local shop (called: KGS)

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One of the friendly old ladies in Malama

Village Children

Village Children

About 2,5 km from our cottages you will find a typical local, rural village. The staff working at Malama Umoyo live here with their families. If you like, our staff can organise a guided visit for your but of course you can also visit the village yourself. Many people still live in simple traditional huts, but there are also houses with local made bricks. The village (Mwelwa) has a school (Malanga School), a basic Clinic, a Church (St Thomas) and a shop (Kenny General Supplies). The shop is an initiative of our new foundation called Vrienden van Malama (Friends of Malama). The local people now no longer have to travel by foot or by bike to Mfuwe to buy their basic supplies.

 Trainer Captain Paul Mwape with newly inaugurated scouts

Trainer Instructor Paul Mwape with his proud newly inaugurated scouts

Close by you will find a Wildlife scouts training camp. Out here in the remote bush motivated young local Zambian men and women are trained to become wildlife scouts and safari guides. If you like to know more about Wildlife conservation in Zambia, please have a look at ZAWA (Zambia Wildlife Authority, recently called ‘National Parks’) and SLCS (South Luangwa Conservation Society). If you like, you can create a job through ‘adopting’ a scout from the local villages. Your support will be highly appreciated! Not only by the local people, but also the animals.

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This is what you see behind you after visiting the village